Google G Suite Encryption

StratoKey is a CASB that supports the entire portfolio of G Suite applications. Organizations using G Suite® can benefit from the extra security of StratoKey, while reducing the risks of operating in the cloud. Encryption, Monitoring, Analytics and Defensive (EMAD™) capabilities are all features provided by StratoKey. With no end-point configuration or change in workflow required, StratoKey operates transparently in the background without interrupting end users. Encryption capabilities provided by StratoKey can assist organizations in complying with stringent regulations such as HIPAA, GLBA, FERPA and GDPR.

CASB through EMAD™

EMAD™ provides organizations with a complete suite of security capabilities. These capabilities assist organizations in gaining insight into how employees are interacting with G Suite through real-time monitoring and analytics. With StratoKey security rules and policy enforcement, organizations can ensure personal Google accounts are not utilized for the organization's data, whether inadvertently or deliberate. StratoKey can act directly to prevent the loss of data, not merely report on it after the data loss. EMAD™ ensures that organizations have complete control over their confidential data in the cloud.

G Suite Integration

Encryption of G Suite data

DLP scanning & enforcement

Gmail / Calendar / Drive

Live User Monitoring

Single Sign On support

Desktop and mobile support

Security Rule & Policy enforcement

G Suite API integration

G Suite Encryption

G Suite encryption, provided through StratoKey is seamless and transparent to the end user. StratoKey provides deep G Suite encryption capabilities that enable organizations to control the security of sensitive data. StratoKey not only provides flexible field and attachment encryption support but also the ability for organizations to have sole control and ownership over encryption keys. StratoKey provides a highly configurable, latency-free, scalable encryption solution for the complete G Suite range of applications. This is all performed in a zero compromise manner that does not interrupt the user experience.

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* EMAD™ is a trademark of StratoKey Pty Ltd.