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Cloud Compliance Management

Cloud Compliance Management

Compliance management and reporting for HIPAA, GDPR, ITAR, SOX, CMMC, NIST 800-53 & 171 and any other regulation or standard.

Automate your compliance process

StratoKey CCM helps organizations move from ad hoc compliance actions, to a structured, organized and auditable compliance program. Compliance programs are driven by Discovery, Automation, Tasking and Reporting.

Compliance discovery

Regulated Data Discovery continuously discovers your regulated data in cloud or SaaS applications.

Review, Approve and Reject data inputs, user access, security parameters.

Automated planning, tracking, tasking and reporting.

Drop-in Compliance Packs establish regulatory requirements and reporting baselines. These packs are customizable to suit your organizations requirements.

Powering your Compliance
by automatically creating a Compliance Plan, Schedule and Report structures specific to your compliance regulation.

Cloud Compliance Management tasks

Compliance Tasks are key to executing on your Compliance requirements.

Tasks are automatically constructed from discovery, templates and scheduled events linked directly to your regulatory requirements.

Automatic Plans to meet your regulatory compliance requirements.

Organize Tasks for team members to ensure individual compliance tasks are completed.

Track the progress of your compliance project over time.

Compliance planning

Data classification

Data Classification discovers your regulated data and provides tools to tag and classify sensitive data.

Classification Lists automatically keep track of resources containing regulated data.

Automated Compliance Checks remove tedious manual human reviews. Results are automatically logged against your regulation.

On-going Automation ensures your compliance standing is maintained without manual confirmation.

Outstanding compliance items

HIPAA remediation plan

Remediation Plans are automatically constructed to organize your path towards compliance.

Plans are automatically updated to reflect the current compliance standing.

An Audit Trail is constructed for all compliance actions. This audit log is compiled directly against your regulation.

Documented Traceability for every compliance action provides detailed evidence of compliance, as required under many regulations.

Compliance audit tracability

Report monthly, quarterly, or annually with customizable templates and export options.

All automated without ever having to manually generate or wait on a report.

Compliance reporting

Share compliance reports

Team Access to ensure that your team are always in the loop on compliance.

Export and Share your compliance status with stakeholders and auditors.

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