Jira and Confluence HIPAA

StratoKey provides an integrated data compliance solution for Jira and Confluence. The StratoKey integrated data security solution directly assists organizations in meeting their HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance requirements. StratoKey provides organizations with complete control over their data privacy through FIPS compliant field and attachment encryption (and tokenization) that secures Protected Health Information (PHI) in Jira and Confluence.

Securing PHI in Jira and Confluence

StratoKey delivers a security solution that is specifically geared towards compliance. Arms-length FIPS compliant data encryption (and tokenization) of HIPAA data within Jira and Confluence, helps organizations meet their HIPAA requirements. This integration secures your data and puts you in direct and full control of permission to decrypt/detokenize HIPAA data. StratoKey integrates seamlessly with Jira and Confluence, providing a seamless user experience whilst maintaining standards compliant data protection.

The StratoKey platform also delivers many NIST recommended security controls. These controls directly count towards your HIPAA compliance footprint as recognised by the 2020 HIPAA regulation amendments (HR 7898 - HIPAA Safe Harbor bill).

Seamless JIRA and Confluence Support

Field + File encryption & tokenization

Sole control over data privacy

SAML SSO support

Encryption key separation

Support for Integrations

No endpoint configration

Encryption Web Service (API)

High performance solution

Additional NIST Security Features

The StratoKey platform provides complete security monitoring, analytics and access controls for Confluence and Jira. The StratoKey EMAD™ stack directly assists organizations in complying with HIPAA Security Rules and various NIST (such as 800-53) standards. With StratoKey, organizations can implement reasonable, appropriate and recognised security practices to reduce risk of security threats and vulnerabilities. This is delivered in a highly scalable platform that requires no agents or end-user configuration.

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