Jira and Confluence ITAR

StratoKey provides a complete ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) compliance solution for Jira and Confluence. Organizations can meet ITAR requirements with StratoKey arms-length encryption, access control, and monitoring of ITAR regulated data within JIRA and Confluence. This data protection is utilized to secure access to Controlled Technical Information (CTI), Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) and Covered Defense Information (CDI) stored within both Jira and Confluence.

Control access to CTI/CUI/CDI in Jira and Confluence

The StratoKey encryption solution for both Jira and Confluence secures your sensitive data, whilst putting organizations in complete control of encryption keys (and the StratoKey platform). With StratoKey in place, organizations specifically provision users with decryption permissions. All other users, including Atlassian support staff and back-end administrators, have no access to StratoKey encrypted CUI, CTI and CDI within JIRA and Confluence. Encryption of fields and files is delivered seamlessly, all while maintaining data format and back-end compatibility. External integrations are supported through the centralized StratoKey encryption platform web service interface (API).

Jira & Confluence Support

Field and file encryption

Tokenization support

Single Sign On support

Encryption key management

Integration and workflow support

Flexible configuration options

Encryption Web Service (API)

Low latency solution

Additional NIST 800-171 Security Features

StratoKey provides a management interface consisting of security controls and analytics/monitoring that assist organizations in meeting ITAR related (NIST - 800-171) security requirements. The StratoKey EMAD™ stack delivers user monitoring, security analytics and audit logs in a completely integrated platform. A Security Rule and Policy enforcement engine is also provided as a standard piece of the StratoKey platform. This is delivered as a highly scalable, lightning fast solution that is under the complete control of your organization.

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Jira and Confluence ITAR Jira and Confluence ITAR compliance


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