ITC Digital announced as StratoKey UK partner

April 2, 2015 By Andrew Roberts

London, UK; April 2, 2015 - Voted as one of the most innovative security companies at the 2014 RSA Conference Asia Pacific and Japan, cloud security company StratoKey has today announced its first UK based value-added resale partner, ITC Digital.

ITC Digital - StratoKey partner

StratoKey is an intelligent cloud security platform designed to protect, analyze, monitor and defend your web and cloud applications against advanced cyber threats through the use of cloud encryption, big data powered user behavioral analytics, real-time system visibility and proactive countermeasures.

ITC Digital has over 15 years experience in developing markets for innovative technology in the UK, StratoKey is pleased to partner with a company of this caliber.

"We are pleased to announce ITC as a StratoKey reseller in the UK" said StratoKey CEO Anthony Scotney. "ITC has a deep technical understanding of the cloud and its associated security risks. ITC also has a high level of customer service, which makes it a perfect match for StratoKey. We look forward to working with ITC and helping StratoKey become the cloud security leader the UK market."

Due to increased demand for cloud encryption and web app security in the region, ITC will join StratoKey resellers in Australia and Asia to provide organizations in the UK with on-ground support for StratoKey pre- and post-sale.

"At ITC our focus is to help companies create an innovative and secure Browser based platform for all applications. One key area is security and our partnership with StratoKey enables us to deliver security for web based applications that protects without compromising agility. This is an exciting time for us and StratoKey and we look forward to working together to protect software in the cloud .."
- Rob Aldridge, ITC

In the age of distributed systems, there has never been a greater need for organizations to harden systems that store confidential or proprietary data. Scotney says "the increase of organized attacks and significant data breaches has mandated the need for a rapid response to threats. StratoKey is an essential tool for securing new and existing cloud and web applications against these threats."

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About StratoKey™

Founded in 2012, StratoKey is an intelligent cloud security platform that defends your high value information against advanced cyber threats. Through the innovative use of encryption paired with big data analytics that learns from user interactions and a formidable set of automated defensive countermeasures, StratoKey can determine legitimate users from nefarious ones, even if both parties share the same username and password.

When traditional systems such as anti-virus, firewalls and access control lists fail, StratoKey stands as the final line of defense against a data breach.

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About ITC Digital

ITC are a Solution specialist focusing on helping business's unlock the power of Browser Based Applications. In today's agile working environments companies need the ability to deploy solutions quickly and effectively. Our services and solutions help you to evaluate your current application estate and look at the implications of migrating to a newer Browser or Desktop environment, we help to work towards a more innovative and efficient structure, this includes Application Discovery, Application Transition, User Profiling, Application Readiness and Application development as well as security and management.

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