StratoKey has some fundamental differences from existing security products. StratoKey encrypts the data layer of applications. This data layer encryption provides a powerful mechanism to secure and protect application data.

1. Encryption

StratoKey not only encrypts your network traffic (SSL), it also separately encrypts your data with AES. By this separate data encryption, StratoKey provides data breach prevention in the event of your user accounts, application, server, database or network being compromised. This data encryption layer means that you control (via StratoKey) data access to your application. If users go around StratoKey, their data is encrypted and unreadable. The power of the encryption is that would-be attackers are forced to encounter StratoKey's formidable intelligence driven countermeasures engine.

2. User Level Intelligence

StratoKey lives with your users and their use of your applications. StratoKey learns who your users are (machine profiling), how they work (access hours, duration, pages) and builds an understanding on their use of your system. This provides StratoKey with focused information to detect changes in behavior, systems or processes with your users in an intelligent, moderate (not false positive) manner. This individual learning means that StratoKey understands your users, like no other security product. This understanding combined with strong encryption is key to defeating sophisticated attacks at their core.

3. Formidable Countermeasures

Having the ability to act in an immediate, automated manner is key to thwarting attacks and data leaks. StratoKey has an in-built countermeasures engine that takes proactive defense to an entirely new level. StratoKey won't wait until it sees gigabytes of data leakage, at the first sign of differing usage patterns, StratoKey is on alert and enacting countermeasures. The countermeasure engine is customizable down to a user-by-user basis, determining the actions taken when specific criteria are met. These criteria can be as simple as geographical or device blocking, through to deployment of sophisticated honeypot data when a verified threat is encountered.

4. Immediate shutdown of SaaS/Hosted

Network administrators can immediately "pull the plug" on hosted services and SaaS applications in the event of an emergency. Be it Google Docs, Salesforce, or your own application, administrators can lockdown these applications and take the ability to decrypt their information offline at a moment's notice. No longer are enterprises at the mercy of third-parties to lockdown applications in critical situations. Removing the potential for lag removes the potential for a critical data breach.

5. Security Analytics & Visualizations

StratoKey has a comprehensive analytical intelligence engine. Utilizing stunning visualizations, StratoKey provides a complete picture of your users, groups and applications from password rotations, access patterns, countermeasure triggers down to device profiles. This analytics engine provides administrators with actionable information on how their users are interacting with their applications and the threats that exist from both internal and external actors.

6. Defensive Payloads

Organizations may have a mandate to collect information on in-bound attacks in an attempt to understand would-be attacker's motivations and potentially identify the source. This counterintelligence may be gleaned using StratoKey's standard Command Interface features, as well as real-time redirection, honeypot (false) data and custom content delivery system. Utilizing these features administrators can potentially tease out what data would-be attackers are targeting and attempt to identify malicious actors.

7. Real-time Data Link

Access to relevant information during critical situations is extremely important. That is why the StratoKey Command Interface is comprised of real-time data. Threats, users, groups and applications can be monitored in real-time allowing for human-driven precise countermeasures and lockdown, where appropriate.

8. Last Man Standing

StratoKey is, in effect a "last man standing" system. It is the system that is there to protect your data when other systems inevitably fail. This "last man standing" system works as a security end-point when firewalls, antivirus and IPS are thwarted.