Innovation: Not an Afterthought

StratoKey was designed to encrypt, monitor and defend sensitive data. Cutting edge R&D produced the first Active Countermeasure defense system for cloud application security. The StratoKey visualization and data intelligence engine is second to none, streaming real time information to administrators. This real-time data interface goes well beyond basic analytics and user management. The Command Interface is a full service offering that would make any SIEM vendor envious. This combination of encryption, countermeasures, real-time monitoring and Data Intelligence makes StratoKey a compelling cloud and web application encryption offering.

StratoKey Innovations

Whilst StratoKey supports all the standard encryption, key management and user/group management features, it also supports some unique world-first innovations. We call these day 1 innovations. These innovations are unique to StratoKey and provide a compelling demonstration of StratoKey's capabilities.


Countermeasures: Active Countermeasures protect your data at its core. StratoKey analyses user interactions and automates countermeasures to thwart data breaches. StratoKey is the only provider to offer a complete set of proactive, customizable defenses. StratoKey employs specific data gathering and intelligence features to detect critical security events, such as user account hijacking. Countermeasures can be as simple as locking user accounts and session challenges, through to advanced honey pot data, defensive payload deployment and redirections. Understanding User patterns to build defenses: StratoKey has a unique capability to observe and learn about how your users interact with your system on an individual basis. Utilizing this learned understanding, StratoKey builds up a formidable defensive structure to protect against account hijacking and user credential theft. StratoKey risk-ranks every communication from your users to the application. If the user's interaction profile does not match, StratoKey immediately enacts appropriate countermeasures. This learned understanding is key to preventing unauthorized access to your applications and to prevent your data from breaches. Command Interface: Utilizing compelling visualizations, StratoKey puts all the pieces of cloud and web application security together into a single intelligent application. The Command Interface provides a logical, comprehensive analytics platform driven by real-time data. This platform provides administrators with the ability to interact, monitor and defend against threats. It also provides a convenient platform to manage users, groups and applications under the protection of StratoKey. Analytics - no "add-on" afterthought: Understanding, monitoring and analyzing user interactions is a core facet of any active defense system. These crucial pieces of the security infrastructure provided by StratoKey are not "add-ons" or afterthoughts. These are fundamental pieces to ensure that administrators and data security professionals have timely, relevant information at their fingertips in the event of advanced threats. Code Red: In the event of a critical security breach, it is not always possible to take Cloud and SaaS applications offline at a moment's notice. Due to the fact that the Cloud and SaaS is provided by third-party organizations, it means that there will always be delays in taking data offline in critical situations. StratoKey provides a "Code Red" button that allows administrators to immediately take application encryption keys offline. This Code Red mechanism could be the difference between a severe data breach and a threat thwarted. The Code Red is another unmatched StratoKey day 1 innovation.

Non-specific Application Support

We won't tell you all about a specific application we support. The reason for this is that StratoKey supports all cloud/web/SaaS applications. StratoKey was architected to function with any application that resides on the web or in the cloud. This architecture meant we designed StratoKey with a flexible underlying configuration. This configuration is straight forward and our experience is that we got this right. It takes less than an hour to configure StratoKey to support an entirely new application. StratoKey has the benefit of supporting all applications. Not a retro-fit, not a "connector", a day 1 design consideration.

A Fighting Chance at Defending Data

At the end of the day, our sole consideration for all of our day 1 innovation is to protect your data. Your data protection is our business and we take that very seriously. StratoKey provides organizations with a fighting chance at defending, identifying and mitigating threats as and when they occur.