NetSuite Data Anonymization/Pseudonymization

StratoKey provides organizations with on-demand or automated anonymization/pseudonymization of expired data within NetSuite®. Regulations such as GDPR set time limits on data retention, with a requirement to erase data when expired. StratoKey can help organizations meet these requirements through an innovative set of patent pending anonymization filters. These filters securely and irreversibly redact and de-identify data, without breaking existing relationships or creating duplicate entries within NetSuite. This assists organizations meeting their compliance requirements under GDPR, HIPAA and other regulations.

De-identify PHI or PII in NetSuite

The StratoKey anonymization engine ensures that Personally Identifiable Information (PII) or Protected Health Information (PHI) is securely de-identified without breaking existing links within NetSuite. The problem with deleting data is that the end result can be an inconsistent data set. By using anonymization, existing data is overwritten with secure, FIPS compliant anonymization which completely de-identifies the data. This is achieved in a high performance manner that ensures there are no duplicates and that data maintains its format. This keeps data in place, whilst securely anonymizing the expired PII content.

Automated and On-Demand Anonymization

StratoKey anonymization can be run as an automated service and also on-demand. This versatility ensures that organizations have flexibility in how and when data subject de-identification takes place. Automation is useful where sensitive data has a set expiry date. Organizations can ensure that expired data is always anonymized, without any need for user driven actions. StratoKey also supports On-Demand Anonymization. If an organization receives a "right to be forgotten" request, a user can simply anonymize the pertinent record with the click of a button in NetSuite.

NetSuite Integration

Pseudonymization of NetSuite content

On-demand or automated

Redact and De-identify PHI & PII

Integrate directly into NetSuite

High performance solution

SuiteScript Integration

Data consistency

Anonymize without duplicates

Additional NetSuite Data Security

StratoKey is a complete security platform for NetSuite that includes Encryption/Tokenization, Monitoring, Analytics and Defensive capabilities. This platform seamlessly integrates with NetSuite and is utilized by organizations around the world to secure their sensitive data and meet their compliance requirements.

Learning more...

To learn more about StratoKey Data Anonymization capabilities, please contact us. We regularly work hand-in-hand with both clients and industry partners to deliver comprehensive integrated data anonymization solutions. Please contact us to learn how we can assist you in your data anonymization requirements.

NetSuite Anonymization