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StratoKey White Paper

The StratoKey Technical White Paper provides an overview of how the StratoKey Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) provides protection through encryption, visibility, behavioral analysis and countermeasures.

Cloud Access Security Broker - CASB

Significant cost drivers have placed the cloud firmly in the sights of CIOs. Unfortunately, these drivers have often been stalled by a fear that the cloud is an exposed environment that is not only difficult to secure but also a regulatory nightmare. Fortunately, there are concrete mechanisms that can protect cloud and SaaS applications against crippling data loss, leaks and breaches.

StratoKey's intelligent CASB provides the tools to automatically block unauthorized access to your sensitive data, so you can do secure and compliant business in the cloud.

This whitepaper provides a technical overview of how StratoKey achieves its goal of intelligent cloud data protection through:

Best-in-class encryption
Visibility & realtime monitoring
Behavioral analysis
Automated countermeasures

Topics Covered

StratoKey Architecture

Non-hostile User Access Interrogation

Encryption Keys

Detecting Changes in User Behavior

Protocols and Data Traffic

Countermeasures - Threat Response

Encrypting Data

Scalability and Performance

Cloud Governance & Enforcement

Deploying StratoKey

Third-party Integrations

Application Support

Security Analytics