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ServiceNow Encryption

StratoKey is a CASB that supports Encryption, Monitoring, Analytics and Defensive (EMAD™) capabilities for ServiceNow® deployments. With StratoKey, organizations gain complete control over their data security through FIPS compliant Encryption that protects the confidential information stored in ServiceNow. This encryption ensures information you store in ServiceNow is secured and only you hold the encryption keys. StratoKey not only secures your ServiceNow (including Discovery Tool), but it also integrates with enterprise systems, ensuring a streamlined, maintenance free deployment.

Compliance Solution for ServiceNow

StratoKey provides a compliance solution to assist in meeting HIPAA, ITAR, GLBA, GDPR and other regulations. StratoKey helps organizations meet compliance requirements through data level encryption & tokenization, monitoring (including audit capabilities) and security rule and policy enforcement. This is all performed without interrupting users and ensuring that ServiceNow does not lose features or functionality. StratoKey also supports ServiceNow integrations, such as where organizations push (or pull) data into/from external systems. StratoKey can synchronize data protection across multiple applications whilst maintaining interoperability and functionality.

Real-time Defensive Capabilities with EMAD™

StratoKey provides organizations with real-time security controls designed to prevent data breaches. In addition to encryption, organizations gain real-time user monitoring, analytics, security rule and policy enforcement (defense) and detailed audit logs. What's more, StratoKey can be utilized with any enterprise cloud or SaaS application. This application agnostic support ensures that tomorrow's cloud and SaaS applications are supported under the unified StratoKey security platform.

ServiceNow Integration

Encryption of any ServiceNow content

SSO support

Encrypt Discovery (MID) data

Edge encryption alternative

Full support for Integrations

High performance, low latency

Tokenization and Pseudonymization

Integrates with enterprise systems

Enterprise Encryption Server

StratoKey provides a ServiceNow edge encryption alternative that supports integrations and can be utilized as a central encryption broker for organizations. StratoKey provides the capability to selectively encrypt, tokenize and anonymize data and attachments, right through to seamless encryption of content collected by the ServiceNow Discovery tool (MID server). StratoKey also supports third-party integrations where encrypted data is shared with other applications, such as where data might be automatically shared with integrated applications and systems. StratoKey is the CASB that provides organizations with central control over not only ServiceNow, but their entire enterprise suite of cloud and SaaS applications.

ServiceNow Encryption ServiceNow Encryption


* EMAD™ is a trademark of StratoKey Pty Ltd.