HIPAA Compliance Guide

Learn how StratoKey assists organizations in meeting stringent HIPAA Protected Health Information requirements whilst using cloud and SaaS applications.

HIPAA compliance in the cloud

Significant cost drivers and a wide range of applications has put the cloud on the agenda of health industry CIOs. Unfortunately adopting the cloud has become a complicated regulatory nightmare for many organizations.

HIPAA defines stringent regulations around the storage and processing of Protected Health Information (PHI & e-PHI). These regulations are designed to ensure the security of any personally identifiable health information.

StratoKey provides organizations with a way to protect (encrypt/tokenize) and control the data stored in the cloud meeting compliance requirements.

Topics Covered

HIPAA and Protected Health Information

How StratoKey assists with HIPAA compliance


Achieving HIPAA Safe Harbor

Entities regulated by HIPAA

HIPAA Security Rules implemented by StratoKey

Information that falls under HIPAA


Protecting HIPAA information (Security Rule)

Cloud HIPAA Guide