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SAP Business ByDesign Encryption

Organizations utilizing SAP Business ByDesign® and S/4HANA® can benefit from StratoKey encryption and tokenization capabilities, to meet stringent data protection regulations. StratoKey operates in the background at the network/middleware tier without disrupting users. FIPS certified encryption and tokenization provided by StratoKey, assists organizations in meeting compliance requirements such as HIPAA, ITAR, GLBA, FERPA, GDPR, and any other data protection or data sovereignty requirements.

Compliance benefits from Encryption

When StratoKey is in use with Business ByDesign or S/4HANA, sensitive data is automatically encrypted or tokenized (stored in a local database) prior to dispatch to SAP infrastructure. This has significant compliance benefits for organizations that have a regulatory requirement to prevent access to sensitive information such as PHI or CUI/CTI/CDI. Organizations hold the encryption keys locally or in the case of tokenization the actual sensitive data is stored locally and not in SAP infrastructure.

Business ByDesign & S/4HANA cloud Support

Encryption & Tokenization of Sensitive Data

Single Sign On (SSO) support

Cloud Encryption Gateway

Web Service (REST) Interface

Detailed integration support

Desktop and mobile support

Security Rule & Policy enforcement

API integration

HIPAA and ITAR support

StratoKey provides a flexible encryption gateway that integrates with SAP Business ByDesign and S/4HANA. This provides Business byDesign and S/4HANA customers with HIPAA, ITAR and other compliance benefits. By utilizing StratoKey, SAP customers can protect data against offshore access (non-citizens) or third parties, without compromising application functionality. StratoKey assists organizations in keeping sensitive data on shore. With StratoKey, organizations gain fundamental security and compliance benefits and complete control over access to their data.

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