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GDPR Encryption Guide

See how StratoKey helps organisations meet stringent GDPR personal data protection requirements with encryption whilst using market leading cloud and SaaS applications.

GDPR compliance with encryption

As organisations adopt cloud and SaaS applications they are confronted with GDPR compliance challenges. StratoKey assists organizations implementing Privacy By Design, Data Protection safeguards through Encryption and Anonymization of expired data. The StratoKey architecture helps organisations overcome GDPR challenges such as on-demand Right to be Forgotten requests without breaking the back-end of cloud and SaaS applications.

StratoKey provides organisations with the necessary tools to secure, control access and erase sensitive data stored in the cloud. This directly assists organisations meeting GDPR compliance requirements. This compliance does not come at the cost of complexity. StratoKey is designed to integrate with any cloud or SaaS application and not only encrypt its sensitive data but also provide organisations with complete centralised security monitoring, data access governance, audit logs, real-time DLP scanning and policy enforcement.

Topics Covered

General Data Protection Regulation

Right to be Forgotten

Information governed by GDPR

Encryption of data

Implementing Privacy by Design

Pseudonymization of Expired data

Penalties for non-compliance with GDPR

Technical measures for data Safe Harbor

Mandatory breach notification


Onshore your sensitive SaaS/cloud data

Onshoring sensitive EU citizen data is particularly pertinent since the invalidation of the EU-US Privacy Shield and subsequent confirmation in Schrems II. Organizations can utilize StratoKey to locally store (onshore) sensitive data that usually resides offshore in cloud and SaaS applications. This data onshoring capability provides organizations with the ability to store sensitive data in a database of their choice hosted on their own infrastructure.

Our data onshoring solutions are compatible with Salesforce, ServiceNow, SAP Business ByDesign & S/4HANA, Confluence, Jira and NetSuite.

Contact us to find out how we can help you onshore your GDPR regulated data.

GDPR Encryption Guide


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