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About StratoKey

StratoKey was founded in 2012 with the aim of addressing fundamental security issues affecting cloud and SaaS deployed applications. The driving concept was to pair encryption with analytics to build an effective defense against data breaches.



EMAD™ - Encryption, Monitoring, Analytics and Defense.

Deployment (in short)

StratoKey is deployed by organizations around the world to secure their information in the cloud. By solving fundamental data security and compliance issues, StratoKey helps both large and small organizations not only meet data security and compliance requirements, but exceed them.

StratoKey was one of the pioneers in the Cloud Access Security Broker market place. Having first prototyped StratoKey back in 2012, it was the first of its kind. The combination of cloud encryption, analytics and an active defensive layer (countermeasures) was unique amongst its security industry peers. Since then StratoKey has grown its world-wide market presence with both large and small enterprise deployments.

United States

700 Lavaca Street
Suite 1400
Austin, Texas
USA 78701

phone: (512) 515-1578


Suite 1, Level 2
147 Macquarie Street
Hobart, Tasmania
Australia 7000

phone: +61 3 6222 6379