Salesforce Encryption

StratoKey is a CASB that provides Encryption, Monitoring, Analytics and Defensive (EMAD™) capabilities for Salesforce® and applications. With StratoKey, organizations gain control over their data security through FIPS certified Encryption (and optional Tokenization) that protects the confidential information input into Salesforce. This data protection ensures the information you store in Salesforce is encrypted and you have sole control of the encryption keys. StratoKey helps organizations meet stringent regulatory and compliance requirements (such as HIPAA and GDPR) through selective encryption and clearly defined encryption key separation, including on-premise key storage.

Solving Compliance Requirements

EMAD™ provides organizations with a complete set of powerful security controls designed to prevent data breaches and meet stringent compliance requirements. StratoKey helps organizations meet encryption requirements specified by HIPAA, PCI, GLBA, FERPA and GDPR. When an organization deploys StratoKey, in addition to field and attachment encryption, organizations immediately gain real-time user monitoring, security analysis of interactions, detailed audit trails and automated security rule and policy enforcement. This is all provided in a scalable, high-throughput, zero maintenance deployment.

Salesforce Integration

Encryption of fields and attachments

Mobile App support custom apps supported

Flexible key storage

Single Sign On support (SSO)

High performance, low latency

Security Rule and Policy Enforcement

SOAP, REST and Apex support

Encryption & Tokenization for Salesforce

Salesforce encryption and tokenization, provided through StratoKey has never been easier. StratoKey supports your Salesforce deployment in its entirety. StratoKey provides a zero compromise data protection solution for Salesforce that provides you with the capability to selectively encrypt/tokenize fields and attachments, whilst maintaining server-side compatibility. StratoKey even supports Apex scripts and SOAP & REST integrations. What's more, StratoKey can be deployed with zero endpoint configuration. This means external users can gain the benefits of high strength data protection through encryption, without needing to alter settings on their end computers. StratoKey is the complete CASB that provides organizations with central control over their entire enterprise suite of cloud and SaaS applications.

Salesforce GDPR Encryption Salesforce GDPR Encryption


* EMAD™ is a trademark of StratoKey Pty Ltd.