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CASB supporting all applications

We help organizations solve difficult problems with data security in cloud and SaaS applications. StratoKey is architected differently to all other products in the CASB category. The StratoKey architecture provides compelling benefits that span across the entire enterprise.


When you deploy with StratoKey, you can know StratoKey supports your cloud and SaaS deployments in their entirety. From selectively encrypting messages, attachments through to security monitoring of your users. StratoKey is the CASB that provides organizations with complete control over their entire enterprise suite of cloud and SaaS applications.

Architecture benefits

Scale horizontally, supporting ALL cloud and SaaS applications across the entire enterprise.

Support unmanaged end-points with zero end-point configuration deployment.

Integrate deeply allowing applications to utilize encrypted data.

Secure any application with selective encryption without software updates.

Real-time security provided via live analytics with controls to immediately terminate threats.

Enterprise Integrations

Azure Active Directory / ADFS

ICAP for DLP integration

Single Sign On (SSO) & SAML

SIEM - ArcSight, Splunk, SysLog

Okta, Ping, OneLogin etc

REST API integration

Hardware Security Modules

SDK - Complete integration library

Desktop and Mobile support

As the only CASB vendor to provide a no compromise solution, StratoKey supports desktop and mobile applications in their entirety. Applications such as the Outlook desktop client through to the Salesforce mobile application are supported right out of the box. No software updates, no compromise on user productivity and in many instances zero end point configuration. StratoKey is the CASB pioneering the zero compromise approach.

CASB without compromise

StratoKey regularly works behind the scenes with SaaS vendors to help secure their client's information. These SaaS vendors trust StratoKey to layer in encryption, separate out key management and ultimately succeed where other vendors have failed. The architecture driving StratoKey is entirely unique, providing integration where previously thought impossible. StratoKey enables organizations that have strict data security requirements to utilize full potential of the cloud, without compromising security.

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