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HIPAA Compliance

StratoKey assists organizations in meeting strict HIPAA compliance requirements when using cloud and SaaS applications. StratoKey's cloud data protection seamlessly encrypts (or tokenizes) data before it leaves an organization's control, ensuring that data stored in the cloud is protected.

HIPAA and Protected Health Information

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was enacted in 1996. Title II of HIPAA defines policies and guidelines for maintaining the privacy of individually identifiable healthcare information. This information is defined as Protected Health Information (PHI).

Electronic Protected Healthcare Information (e-PHI) use is tightly regulated under the HIPAA Privacy Rule. In addition, the HIPAA Security Rule sets out national standards which define, among other things, technical measures for the protection of e-PHI.

StratoKey implements a number of distinct security measures that assist organizations in meeting their HIPAA compliance requirements.

Cloud HIPAA Compliance

Protecting e-PHI

High strength Encryption: StratoKey supports multiple high-strength encryption algorithms such as AES, with 256bit keys as well as tokenization. Encryption and decryption of data is automated by StratoKey. The entire process is seamless, ensuring that e-PHI is encrypted before it leaves an organization's control, destined for the cloud. Person/Entity Authentication: HIPAA specifies numerous guidelines around how organizations should secure access to e-PHI. Requirements defined by HIPAA, such as user identification, group policies, and automated log-outs, are all standard features of StratoKey. StratoKey implements even deeper identity aware authentication, such as device profiling and behavioral analysis. Audit Controls: StratoKey logs every interaction a user performs with the end cloud application. This logging provides organizations with a complete audit capability. Should there be a need to audit user behavior, organizations have this capability through the StratoKey User Intelligence interface.

More than HIPAA compliance

StratoKey is a versatile cloud data protection gateway that is designed to adapt to any cloud deployed application. StratoKey provides organizations with multiple levels of protection against data leaks, theft and breaches. Not only does StratoKey reduce the risk of data breaches, it also assists organizations in meeting their HIPAA compliance requirements.

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