Cloud Encryption

StratoKey provides a complete cloud encryption solution for organizations looking to utilize or move services and applications into the cloud. Using industry standard encryption such as Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), StratoKey offers unparalleled data security. Standard Encryption (AES) and Format Preserving Encryption are utilized by StratoKey to secure data in the cloud.

Flexible Encryption Model

StratoKey provides flexibility in configuring how information will be encrypted in your cloud or SaaS application. This flexible approach allows organizations to select and match encryption strength to data confidentiality. This model allows for a mixed encryption strategy which has significant benefits in terms of preserving application functionality, searchability and utilizing strong encryption where appropriate.

Cloud Encryption

Encryption Strategies Utilized by StratoKey

High strength Encryption: StratoKey supports multiple high-strength encryption algorithms such as AES with a choice of 128bit or 256bit keys. AES provided in StratoKey utilizes a FIPS 140-2 certified module. Format Preserving Encryption (FPE): Format Preserving Encryption is an encryption mechanism utilized to preserve the format of information as it is encrypted. Generally speaking FPE is a lower strength encryption when compared to standard AES. However, FPE is a crucial mechanism for encrypting data whilst preserving the data length. FPE ensures that when data is encrypted, application functionality is not lost. The FPE implementation utilized by StratoKey conforms with the NIST standard. Secure Socket Layer (SSL): StratoKey communicates with users over SSL. SSL provides a secure layer for users communicating sensitive data to StratoKey to be encrypted (or decrypted). By utilizing SSL StratoKey secures the communication channel with users, preventing man-in-the-middle attacks.

Flexible Encryption is a key CASB feature

StratoKey provides a flexible approach to cloud encryption. Any web application and many desktop applications can take advantage of the security provided by StratoKey. By utilizing a mixed-model of encryption, application functionality can be preserved in its entirety whilst providing a significant increase in data security.

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