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Our Clients

StratoKey has been deployed in commercial production environments since early 2015. Since then, our client base has grown as have the size and scale of our deployments. StratoKey is now recommended by a number of large cloud and SaaS vendors as the "go to" solution for meeting security and compliance requirements. Deployments of StratoKey span 4 continents across a wide range of industries, covering numerous compliance requirements. From the more well-known HIPAA, FERPA, GLBA, GDPR through to lesser known State and Industry level data security regulations.

Our Clients: Industries

StratoKey clients are spread across many different industry verticals. This is unsurprising given the applicability of data protection regulation. Some of our clients operate in the following industry verticals:

Finance:  StratoKey is utilized by multi-national financial services firms to secure highly sensitive client information that resides in a third party cloud system. StratoKey serves a dual role of providing clients with sole control and custody over encryption keys (and thus data) and also ensures they meet their regulatory obligations around data protection (such as GDPR) through to access control and security audit requirements. Technology:  StratoKey is utilized by Independent Software Vendors (ISV) to secure their data when residing in a cloud hosted system. ISVs have utilized StratoKey to protect sensitive information comprised of system configuration details, which can also inadvertently contain highly confidential data. StratoKey layers in encryption and ensures that sensitive information never resides unprotected in target cloud systems. Manufacturing:  StratoKey is used to protect ordering and order processing systems for large manufacturing organizations. Our manufacturing clients have utilized StratoKey with a number of integrated systems making use of the extensive central encryption capabilities of StratoKey. This flexibility has provided manufacturers with a platform to develop their own integrated applications that utilize the StratoKey synchronized multi-application encryption capability. Meeting compliance requirements whilst also securing their confidential client and business process data. Healthcare:  StratoKey has extensive healthcare based deployments across a vast array of different cloud, SaaS and even web applications. The primary role that StratoKey plays for healthcare organizations is to layer in appropriate security to meet HIPAA compliance requirements. StratoKey helps healthcare organizations remove compliance grey areas and secure sensitive PHI in the cloud. Cybersecurity:  StratoKey has been deployed as the vendor of choice for Cybersecurity vendors that, like any business, make use of cloud and SaaS applications. StratoKey fits perfectly into the role of providing sole control and custody of encryption keys, or on premise tokenization of sensitive data. This gives organizations the ultimate security and defence against breaches on third-party systems. StratoKey meets the demands of cybersecurity companies in being flexible enough to be utilized against any application as a central encryption service. Banking:  StratoKey is utilized by Banks to secure customer data and meet stringent financial regulations. By utilizing the full capabilities of StratoKey, Banks have implemented end-to-end data security layering in encryption throughout processes such as loan origination services. StratoKey also helps Banks independently control security and monitor access to sensitive SaaS systems whilst retaining sole control and custody over encryption keys. By leaving nothing to chance, Banks have gained significant compliance and security benefits through StratoKey. Cloud Computing:  Cloud computing vendors deal with a vast array of different customers from business through to Federal Government. Cloud computing vendors have implemented StratoKey to secure sensitive customer data and meet their regulatory requirements. Through the layering of encryption and the implementation of security rules and policy enforcement, cloud computing vendors gain significant security coverage whilst keeping encryption keys and security at "arm's length" from SaaS vendors. Education:  FERPA mandates that educational institutions protect student curriculum information against unauthorized access. StratoKey plays the role of keeping sensitive student data safe and secure by layering in encryption and providing sole control and custody of the encryption keys to the educational institution. By utilizing layered security provided by StratoKey, educational institutions meet stringent FERPA requirements whilst making use of the best cloud based applications.