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Slack Encryption

StratoKey delivers a suite of Encryption, Monitoring, Analytics and Defensive (EMAD™) capabilities for Slack® deployments. Using StratoKey, organizations gain full control over their data security through FIPS compliant end-to-end Encryption that protects the data payloads sent to Slack. With this encryption, the data you store in Slack is protected and only you hold the keys to decrypt the data. StratoKey not only secures your Slack content, it also helps you comply with regulations such as HIPAA, GLBA, FERPA and GDPR.

Extensive Security with EMAD™

StratoKey delivers a set of security control and policy enforcement capabilities in one centrally deployed product. When an organization deploys StratoKey, in addition to strong data protection, they gain live user monitoring, security controls, analytics, detailed audit logs and automated security rule and policy enforcement. This is provided through a scalable, high-throughput, zero maintenance deployment. What's more, StratoKey is the only truly horizontally deployable CASB, for use across all of your organization's enterprise cloud and SaaS applications.

Slack Integration

End-to-end Encryption of Slack messages

Complete access Audit trail

Attachment encryption

High performance, low latency

Security Rule and Policy Enforcement

Seamless experience

Live User security controls

Integrates with enterprise systems

Encrypting Slack content

Slack encryption provided through StratoKey is seamless and transparent to end users. With StratoKey, your Slack deployment is supported in its entirety. From end-to-end encryption of Slack messages and files through to real-time monitoring of your users. StratoKey is the CASB that provides organizations with complete control over their enterprise cloud and SaaS applications. Download our CASB Guide for more information on how StratoKey integrates with cloud and SaaS applications to provide granular encryption, monitoring and security policy enforcement.

Slack Encryption Slack Message Encryption


* EMAD™ is a trademark of StratoKey Pty Ltd.