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NetSuite Encryption

StratoKey is a CASB that provides deep data protection for NetSuite®. With StratoKey, organizations have granular control over their data security through FIPS compliant Encryption (and tokenization) that protects confidential information stored within NetSuite. This data protection helps organizations meet stringent compliance requirements such as HIPAA, CMMC, ITAR, CCPA, GDPR, PDPA, PIPEDA & FIPPA etc.

Encrypting data in NetSuite

NetSuite encryption and tokenization provided by StratoKey, has never been easier. StratoKey integrates directly into NetSuite providing a seamless user experience whilst delivering clearly defined data protection. Providing selective encryption (and tokenization) of fields and attachments, whilst maintaining relevant format and server-side compatibility right through to support for SuiteScript and SOAP & REST integrations. StratoKey can be deployed with zero endpoint configuration. With this deployment, external users gain the benefits of StratoKey encryption without needing to alter settings on their end computers. StratoKey offers a complete security solution for NetSuite that provides organizations with clear separation of encryption keys from data storage within NetSuite.

NetSuite Integration

Encryption of NetSuite content

Manage Users from NetSuite

Tokenization support

SuiteScript Integration

NetSuite Single Sign On

High performance, low latency

Security Rule and Policy Enforcement

SOAP and REST support

CASB supporting NetSuite

StratoKey layers EMAD™ (Encryption, Monitoring, Analytics and Defense), a powerful set of security controls designed to prevent breaches and meet stringent compliance requirements (HIPAA, ITAR, CMMC, CCPA, FERPA, GDPR, PDPA, PIPEDA & FIPPA etc). In addition to encryption, EMAD™ delivers live security analytics, user monitoring, detailed audit logs through to real-time security rule and policy enforcement. This is provided in a scalable, high-throughput deployment that requires no agents or end-user configuration.

Meeting Compliance

StratoKey assists organizations in meeting strict data security compliance requirements. By layering in encryption and tokenization with clearly defined encryption key separation, organizations are able to meet data privacy requirements such as those detailed in HIPAA, ITAR, CMMC, CCPA, GDPR, PDPA, PIPEDA & FIPPA.

NetSuite Encryption NetSuite CASB Encrypted


* EMAD™ is a trademark of StratoKey Pty Ltd.