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NetSuite ITAR

StratoKey provides complete ITAR compliance support for NetSuite®. With StratoKey, sensitive CDI, CUI and CTI are secured with encryption and tokenization. This data protection provides organizations with complete control over their data whilst meeting NIST 800-171 requirements. StratoKey data encryption, paired with built-in security monitoring, ensures organizations meet data security requirements under ITAR.

Securing CUI and CTI in NetSuite

StratoKey delivers seamless field and file encryption (and tokenization) for NetSuite. This deep data-level integration ensures that CDI, CUI and CTI are secured within NetSuite, preventing unauthorized offshore access to controlled data. Organizations utilizing StratoKey have full control and custody over encryption keys and the direct ability to prevent non-citizen access to their data. StratoKey integrates directly into NetSuite, providing a seamless user experience without interrupting NetSuite functionality.

Complete Support for NetSuite

Field and attachment encryption

Bill of Material support

Single Sign On with NetSuite

Encryption key separation

Support for SuiteScripts

Zero endpoint configuration

NetSuite reporting supported

No performance impact

Encrypt your Bill of Materials (BOM)

The StratoKey NetSuite support extends from standard NetSuite through to customized implementations such as Bill of Materials (BOM) constructions, etc. All typical workflows for ITAR clients are supported, whilst preventing non-citizen access to data. Because CDI/CUI/CTI is encrypted, your organization has sole control over access to that data. NetSuite does not have any access to your CDI/CUI/CTI when StratoKey is in use.

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