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NetSuite PDPA

StratoKey provides an encryption solution for NetSuite® that helps organizations in Singapore secure sensitive data and meet their PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act) requirements. With StratoKey, organizations have complete control over who can access their sensitive data. This control is provided through StratoKey encryption and tokenization, and helps organizations meet their PDPA compliance requirements. StratoKey data encryption (field and file level), paired with in-built security analytics and monitoring, ensures organizations meet their compliance requirements under PDPA when utilizing NetSuite.

Securing Singapore citizens' data in NetSuite

StratoKey delivers a deep data-level integration ensures that sensitive information is secured within NetSuite. This security prevents unauthorized offshore (outside of Singapore) access to sensitive data. Organizations have full control and custody over encryption keys used by StratoKey and the direct ability to prevent non-citizen access to their sensitive data. StratoKey also has a tokenization engine that provides organizations with the option to store sensitive data in their own private database located in Singapore.

Security for NetSuite

Field and attachment encryption

Tokenization for on-shore storage

Single Sign On with SAML

Encryption key control

SuiteScript support

No endpoint configuration

Reporting supported

Zero performance impact

Additional Security Controls

StratoKey data protection for NetSuite includes detailed real-time security monitoring, aggregated analytics and a security rule and policy enforcement engine. This is all provided in one integrated platform that is designed to secure not only your data, but also harden user access and provide security visibility. The StratoKey EMAD™ (Encryption, Monitoring, Analytics & Defense) stack provides complete coverage for your organization's NetSuite.

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* EMAD™ is a trademark of StratoKey Pty Ltd.