Data Residency

StratoKey provides the infrastructure to ensure the most stringent Data Residency mandates are met. Deploying StratoKey behind the corporate firewall ensures that all sensitive information is encrypted before it leaves the corporate network. This encryption ensures data privacy regardless of the end destination.

What is Data Residency?

Data Residency requirements generally state that sensitive data must not be stored on remote servers outside the country or state of residency. This can be problematic for users of cloud services or even more generally web applications. Remote hosting is almost always part of the deal in all external cloud or web applications. StratoKey provides a solution to ensure that organizations meet stringent Data Residency requirements.

StratoKey Data Residency Compliance

Encryption: Data level encryption is performed seamlessly by StratoKey. This encryption ensures that your data is protected before it ever reaches remote applications or cloud infrastructure. When data is encrypted with strong encryption, data residency concerns are erased. It is not uncommon for Data Residency laws or standards to have an exception, permitting encrypted data to be stored on non-resident servers.

Encrypting Data at Rest in Cloud Databases

Currently, popular database as a service offerings do not feature encryption of data at rest. Data in transit is supported through SSL, encryption of data at rest is however not part of the offering. StratoKey provides this crucial layer of encryption for data at rest. Relevant data passing through the StratoKey encryption gateway is encrypted prior to reaching any remote application or database. When using StratoKey, the only data that resides unencrypted in a "data at rest" state is data you deem non-confidential.

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