Salesforce Anonymization / Pseudonymization

StratoKey provides a complete Data Anonymization/Pseudonymization solution for Salesforce®. Anonymization of new and existing data can be performed on-demand or in an automated manner. When data retention periods (such as specified under GDPR) expire, PII must be "erased". StratoKey can assist organizations in meeting regulatory requirements through a set of patent pending anonymization filters. These anonymization filters securely and irreversibly anonymize/redact/de-identify expired data, whilst maintaining existing data relationships within Salesforce. This ensures organizations meet their compliance requirements under GDPR, HIPAA and other regulations without breaking functionality or creating data inconsistency within Salesforce.

Anonymize, Redact and De-identify data in Salesforce

The StratoKey anonymization engine is designed to securely anonymize data without breaking existing data relationships within Salesforce. When anonymizing PII, StratoKey alters data (de-identification) rather than deleting existing data. The advantage of this approach is that data is left in place, data remains consistent and links to the data are maintained. This is performed in a high performance and scalable manner, utilizing FIPS certified libraries to ensure appropriate randomization whilst maintaining expected data format.

On-demand or Automated PII Anonymization

StratoKey anonymization can execute in an on-demand or a completely automated process. Automating data anonymization is useful where PII has an expiry date. Organizations can set workflows to execute upon PII expiry, to ensure that the PII is appropriately anonymized without requiring manual user interaction. On-demand anonymization is also available and useful for in-bound requests for PII erasure - such as a "right to be forgotten" request.

Salesforce Integration

Pseudonymization of Salesforce data

Automated or On-demand

Redact and de-identify PHI & PII

Integrates directly into Salesforce

Salesforce Data Loader support

Proxy and REST Interface

Extremely low latency solution

Apex script support

Classic and Lightning

Anonymize without duplicates

Additional Salesforce Data Security

StratoKey is a complete security platform for Salesforce that includes Encryption/Tokenization, Monitoring, Analytics and Defensive (EMAD) capabilities. StratoKey integrates seamlessly with Salesforce and is utilized by organizations around the world to meet their compliance requirements.

Learning more...

To learn more about StratoKey Data Anonymization capabilities, please contact us. We regularly work hand-in-hand with both clients and industry partners to deliver comprehensive integrated data anonymization solutions. Please contact us to learn how we can assist you in your data anonymization requirements.

Salesforce Anonymization
Salesforce Anonymization