Confluence & JIRA Encryption

Enterprise collaboration platforms such as Confluence® and issue tracking systems such as JIRA®, can hold a significant amount of confidential information. StratoKey layers Encryption, Monitoring, Analytics and Defensive (EMAD™) capabilities into both Confluence and JIRA. With StratoKey, organizations can take control of their data security through FIPS compliant Encryption that secures the confidential information and intellectual property stored within these applications. By utilizing StratoKey, organizations can enjoy the benefits of cloud and SaaS applications without sacrificing regulatory compliance.

Data Privacy for JIRA and Confluence

StratoKey implements a powerful set of security controls designed to prevent data breaches. Not only are organizations provided with encryption, but also the complete EMAD™ security stack. Organizations immediately gain security analytics, live monitoring, detailed audit logs and real-time security rule and policy enforcement. StratoKey is the only CASB that can secure all cloud and SaaS applications deployed across an organization.

Confluence & JIRA Integration

Encrypt JIRA & Confluence content

Zone by Zone encryption control

Single Sign On & SAML support

Supports both cloud or self-hosted

Security Rule and Policy Enforcement

Restrict decryption - "need to know"

Encryption key separation

Integrates with enterprise systems

Encryption Capability

StratoKey supports selectively encrypting Confluence and JIRA content (even defined zones) and attachments. Decryption with StratoKey is provided on a privacy first basis. Meaning users must be authenticated and have the relevant access permissions to view sensitive information. Download our CASB Guide for more information on how StratoKey provides granular encryption, monitoring and security rule and policy enforcement for cloud and SaaS applications.

Confluence Encryption JIRA Encryption


* EMAD™ is a trademark of StratoKey Pty Ltd.