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Jira & Confluence Encryption

StratoKey helps organizations meet their Jira and Confluence compliance requirements by protecting data with encryption and tokenization, securing user access through security rules, and delivering enterprise grade security analytics. This layering of security controls helps organizations meet compliance requirements such as HIPAA, ITAR, CMMC, CCPA, PIPEDA and other data privacy regulations and standards (NIST 800-53, NIST 800-171).

Flexible Jira Encryption

Encrypt field data (both standard and custom) and file attachments in Jira (incl. Cloud). Encryption can be utilized across an entire Jira environment or applied to specific projects, groups or users. Organizations can encrypt automatically, or trigger encryption based on field inputs, dropdown selections or checkboxes.


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Encryption replacing Jira subject and task body. Multiple images used to display transition to encrypted content replacing Jira plain text.
Encryption replacing Confluence text and images. Multiple images show plain-text transition to encryption in Confluence.

Confluence Encryption - Capabilities

Encrypt subject, body, file attachments and more in Confluence (incl. Cloud). StratoKey can apply encryption cross an entire Confluence instance, or by individual pages or zones. Encryption can either be completely automatic, or triggered by field selections or individual users and groups.


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