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StratoKey CASB combines with CCM to provide the complete security and compliance management and reporting platform.

One Integrated Compliance Platform

StratoKey CASB + CCM helps organizations manage their end-to-end compliance from implementing security controls through to compliance reporting directly against actual regulation.

Direct Compliance Alignment

StratoKey CCM integrates with our CASB solution to turn security controls and data protection actions into Compliance reports that track directly against the regulation.

CCM works to document Compliance

As your users work, their actions and associated security controls are logged against your Compliance Regulation. This tracks your compliance progress in an automated manner.

Automating your Compliance

Utilizing intelligent monitors, CCM discovers compliance actions in an automated manner.

CCM can raise Tasks, document evidence and then automatically resolve the Task. This automation reduces manual effort and human error.

Compliance Audit Trail

CCM compiles Tasks against your Regulatory requirements. These Tasks can be inspected at any time to provide complete audit traceability.

Multiple Report views

Automated compliance reports follow your schedule and are available in both a Standard (long-form) and Summary format. StratoKey CCM has your Compliance Reporting needs covered!

Progress Plans

Compliance progress plans constructed on-demand without any delay. View your progress towards meeting your compliance milestones without any manual effort.

Consistent, predictable Compliance

There you have it! A consistent, predictable compliance program that can be deployed against any regulation or standard.

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