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Compliance as a Service

Compliance as a Service

API for powerful, extensible and embeddable Compliance as a Service (CaaS) for any application and any regulation.

End-to-end Compliance as a Service for Developers.

StratoKey CCM provides a set of web service interfaces for Developers wanting to drive compliance directly via APIs.

Embedded CaaS example

Embed Compliance into any application via StratoKey CCM APIs.

Power up Compliance with Tasks and Items that land directly into your Compliance Project.

Push in Compliance data via REST Collector

StratoKey CCM has a REST interface that can receive compliance Data, Tasks and Events to suit your requirements. This data is translated into CCM platform items.

End to end Compliance as a service example

CaaS integration opportunities

Integrate into your own Applications

Capture compliance data within your own application and push it directly into StratoKey CCM.

Leverage our Code Examples

We provide code samples to smooth the path towards getting your Compliance Project populated with the appropriate data from your own bespoke application.

CaaS code examples

Tasks, Plans & Reports powered by your data!

StratoKey CCM consumes your data and automatically transforms it into meaningful compliance Tasks, Visualizations and Project Plans.

CaaS visualizations and project plans

API driven compliance reporting

Customize Reporting

Use our ready-made Report Templates or roll your own. The StratoKey CCM Reporting Engine is a patent pending customizable solution that can support ANY compliance regulation.

Share your Compliance Reports!

Once your compliance report is populated with your data, it's ready to share with your key stakeholders. StratoKey CCM makes sharing and collaboration straight forward.

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