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HIPAA Compliance Management

HIPAA Compliance Management

HIPAA compliance management with StratoKey CCM™. Automate repetitive processes and generate HIPAA Compliance Reports, on-time, every-time.

Getting your HIPAA Compliance organized

StratoKey CCM is designed to help compliance teams Manage, Automate and Report on their HIPAA compliance.

HIPAA Compliance Pack

Ready-made Compliance Packs power up your HIPAA Compliance Project. With automatic creation of Plans, Tasks, Schedules and Reports.

HIPAA compliance management pack

HIPAA compliance tasks

HIPAA Compliance Tasks

HIPAA Compliance Tasks can be raised from templated schedules for your regulation, manually or completely automated via Discovery.

Tasks Automatically Aligned with Regulation

Tasks are automatically linked into the relevant regulation section. This keeps track of your compliance efforts and provides auditable proof of compliance.

HIPAA regulation and task alignment

Work with your Team

StratoKey CCM is designed for collaboration and team effort. It's easy to get teams aligned and working towards your HIPAA compliance goals.

HIPAA working with teams

Manage your HIPAA compliance

Track your HIPAA Compliance Progress

CCM automatically tracks your HIPAA compliance Task progress and builds visualizations showing how your project is progressing.

Automatic Remediation Plans

As your Compliance Project progresses, StratoKey CCM builds remediation plans. Remediation plans collate outstanding items and demonstrate the steps you are taking towards compliance.

HIPAA remediation plan

HIPAA compliance report

HIPAA Reports

Using the in-built customizable HIPAA Report template jumpstarts your reporting effort. StratoKey CCM ensures your HIPAA compliance reports are always on-time, every reporting period.

HIPAA Audit Ready

All Tasks have a full Audit history. Every event, interaction and resolution status is logged ready for your HIPAA audit.

HIPAA Audit ready

Share HIPAA compliance reports

Share your HIPAA Compliance Reports

Easily share your Compliance Reports with key stakeholders and auditors.

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