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Jira ITAR Compliance

Organizations can meet their ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) compliance obligations for Jira (including Jira cloud) with StratoKey encryption. StratoKey encrypts CUI/CTI/CDI (any Jira field or file data) with FIPS certified libraries. StratoKey encryption is performed in the customers own environment at arms-length from Jira cloud servers. With this external encryption capability, organizations can meet their Jira ITAR compliance obligations whilst making full use of the Atlassian cloud.

The StratoKey platform operates standalone and is hosted in your cloud environment (AWS GovCloud / Azure Government) or on-premise. StratoKey is not a Jira plugin or hosted by Atlassian. StratoKey secures sensitive data with end-to-end encryption before it is dispatched to the Atlassian Cloud.

Encrypt CUI, CTI and CDI in Jira Cloud

StratoKey delivers a complete data encryption solution for Jira cloud that protects the privacy (including from Atlassian support staff) of ITAR controlled data. There are no limitations on what Jira fields or files can be encrypted. The StratoKey product can be configured to meet your exact requirements, such as encryption of Descriptions, Titles, Comments and any Custom Fields you require. Organizations are in complete control of the StratoKey encryption gateway, and have complete custody over encryption keys. This ensures that organizations can secure ITAR CUI, CTI and CDI whilst utilizing Jira cloud.

Flexible Jira Encryption options

StratoKey delivers a flexible encryption solution for Jira that can encrypt or tokenize any input field data and file attachments in Jira. Input fields such as subject, body, comments or custom field data. Organizations can structure StratoKey encryption to take place across Jira as a whole or in defined zones. Encryption can also be automatic or triggered based on input selections such as values selected in a dropdown, checkboxes or even individual user/group level triggers. StratoKey delivers configurable arms-length encryption capabilities for Jira customers.

Jira Cloud ITAR Support

Encrypt Descriptions, Titles, Comments

Custom field support

Attachment & File encryption

FIPS certified Encryption

Single Sign On

Scalable and Redundant

Jira cloud & Jira Service Management

Complete ITAR support

Meet NIST 800-171 requirements with Jira Cloud

StratoKey provides additional controls that meet NIST 800-171 requirements. These additional security controls and analytics/monitoring capabilities assist organizations in meeting ITAR related (NIST - 800-171) security requirements. With StratoKey EMAD (Encryption, Monitoring, Analytics and Defense) organizations have the complete security stack to secure their Jira cloud environment. This is all performed at arms-length from Atlassian infrastructure and provides organizations with complete control over who can access their ITAR data.

Please Contact Us for more information on how we can assist you with your ITAR compliance requirements for Jira cloud.

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* EMAD™ is a trademark of StratoKey Pty Ltd.