Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

automatically blocks unauthorized access to your sensitive data,
so you can do secure and compliant business in the cloud.

Cloud data protection
by encrypting in-app data

Selective in-app field encryption

Attachment and file encryption

Policy based encryption automatically enacted via data classification

Integration library (SDK) for custom back-end integrations

* For technical details on how StratoKey encrypts data please download our Technical White Paper
cloud encryption

Secure access to
sensitive data in the cloud

StratoKey is application agnostic and transparent to your users, allowing your employees freedom to use the best online tools while protecting your sensitive data.

Salesforce encryption
Microsoft Dynamics®

Supporting all your cloud applications

Requires no client-side install

Single point to control users' access to sensitive data in the cloud

Integrates with your identity management systems

Completely frictionless CASB for your cloud applications

* For details on how StratoKey protects cloud applications please see our Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) resource

Intelligently Automated

How long does it take for your security team to react and investigate alerts?
How much confidential data will be breached in the meantime? It's critical
to identify and mitigate threats at the "first touch".

Every user interaction is analyzed for threats. No assumption of authenticity

Detects and blocks suspicious behavior, bad actors and insider attacks

Automatically launches countermeasures to secure sensitive data

Intelligence grows with time as user profiles are enriched

Integrates countermeasures with Threat Intelligence platforms

Cloud Visibility & Control

StratoKey is your eyes and ears in the cloud. Watching over your users and providing you with complete visibility into their interactions with your applications.


Provides visibility into risky behaviors

Enables investigation and generates alerts

Controls what devices access to your cloud applications

Complete cloud user audit trail

Security in one complete platform.

StratoKey contains all the tools to secure an organizations cloud applications.

Application Protection

Real-time Visibility




Alerts &


Threat Intel

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