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Cloud Encryption Gateway

StratoKey works as a software based cloud encryption gateway that resides at the network level (OSI layers 5, 6 & 7), encrypting and decrypting information flowing to and from your cloud, SaaS and web applications. StratoKey not only protects your data at rest, it also protects data in transit and data accessed through your applications.

Cloud Encryption Gateway

Encrypting Cloud Application Data

Encrypting Cloud Application Data
(StratoKey protected data when
accessed from outside the gateway.)

StratoKey uses encryption to protect your data before it reaches your remote cloud applications. What this means is that the data that resides in your cloud applications database is encrypted. If your database or application is ever compromised the attacker will only receive encrypted data. Through this hardening of the data, you not only protect the data itself, but all the important confidential information contained within.

All users must connect to your application through the StratoKey cloud encryption gateway. StratoKey performs all the encryption and decryption in a seamless manner without ever interrupting end users. Application functionality is preserved and end users are not aware that their communication is passing through a secure gateway.

StratoKey Workflow

StratoKey does not alter your end users workflow. In fact StratoKey is completely invisible to end users. StratoKey sits between users and their cloud applications at the network level. As far as the web users are concerned, the StratoKey cloud encryption gateway is invisible, doing its job in the background. No manual interaction with StratoKey is required.

Cloud encryption in action

Traffic passes through the StratoKey cloud encryption gateway and in doing so is encrypted at the data level. Even though the diagram shows "unencrypted" data flowing from a user to StratoKey, this data is protected at the network level by SSL. This SSL layer secures the data travelling from users' individual machines to the StratoKey server against man-in-the-middle attacks.

Accessing Applications Outside of StratoKey

StratoKey encrypts data before it reaches the end application. Due to this process, the data that is stored in the application is encrypted (see screenshot above). The decryption of the application data occurs when the data passes back through the StratoKey gateway. If anyone accesses your application without passing through the StratoKey security gateway, all they will see is unintelligible encrypted information.

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