CASB Guide

August 9, 2016 By Nicole Chesterman

StratoKey has published a guide on Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) features, functions and architectures. This guide is designed to dispel some of the myths about CASB vendors and covers the advantages and disadvantages of differing CASB offerings.

This guide looks at areas of CASB products that are not often discussed by vendors, such as what type of impact a CASB will have on performance, throughput and scalability of an end cloud application. Vendors typically focus on the marketing highlights of their products, which leaves anyone researching CASBs with only a brief understanding of the bigger picture.

This CASB guide covers how CASBs can help organizations meet compliance requirements, have clearly defined encryption key separation and the approaches to best balance security and productivity. Minimum requirements for a CASB are also covered. This includes not only having access control and analytics, but also data protection through encryption and real-time defensive capability.

5 Questions CASB vendors don't want you to ask

One section within this guide is titled "5 Questions CASB vendors don't want you to ask". This section cuts through the marketing guff and addresses the questions anyone evaluating a CASB should ask. Questions about native mobile app support, scalability, throughput and others that organizations should ask before undertaking any CASB deployment.

Beyond the CASB

The final section of the StratoKey CASB guide looks at what's required of a full-stack CASB. Full-stack CASB products include in-app field and attachment encryption, behavioural analysis, threat protection and more.

Download a copy of the CASB Guide here´┐Ż