Closing out 2017 strongly

December 21, 2017 By Anthony Scotney

As we hurtle towards the end of 2017, we thought it was an appropriate time to reflect on the year and some of our plans for 2018. In 2017 we saw our client base grow substantially and the maturity of our product hit its stride. As an organization we changed our approach and due to this we have welcomed a number of new StratoKey clients and partners. Every new client that came on board in 2017 either approached us directly or was referred from our existing customers and trusted partners. We have slowly but surely seen the awareness of our product steadily grow.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our new clients and partners for their support in making 2017 our most successful year. We saw our deployment calendar fill and our client success stories increasing. StratoKey deployments have now reached 4 continents and span organizations operating in Finance, Technology, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Cybersecurity and Education sectors. We have moved our core R&D team to a new premises to accommodate growth as we head into 2018.

In 2017 we declined to participate in analyst discussions. The reasons we declined to participate revolve around respecting the confidentiality of our clients and our competitive technical position. As our clients will attest, StratoKey is a unique proposition in the CASB market. A product that solves compliance and security issues rather than merely admiring them. The accumulation of 5 solid years of development by a skilled and dedicated team. 2017 saw us make the tough decision to not participate in any analyst discussions to protect both our competitive position and the confidentiality of our clients.

As we look to 2018 we will be actively expanding our partnerships with a number of strategic organizations. Many of our partnerships with large SaaS and enterprise software vendors have occurred behind closed doors. As we move into 2018 we will be revealing some of these partnerships. We wish to specifically thank our partners for the trust they have placed in us by bringing their clients on board with StratoKey.

The plan for 2018

As we move to 2018, StratoKey will receive a number of entirely new feature sets that have not been seen in the CASB market. As we have done in the years prior, we will be breaking entirely new ground. We do not care to be a pure play CASB. We always move in the direction that our clients require. Meeting their specific requirements is what matters to us at StratoKey. Stay tuned in 2018 as we have a number of partnerships and product announcements that we will be publishing along with their respective patents.