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Compliance Integrations

Cloud Compliance Integrations

Integrations for leading cloud and SaaS platforms such as NetSuite, Salesforce, ServiceNow and any other application via our CaaS API. Delivering integrated compliance management and reporting for HIPAA, ITAR, CMMC, NIST 800-53 and other regulations.

We have a compliance plan for you.

StratoKey CCM establishes your compliance program baseline. Simply drop in our Compliance Pack for your regulation and you have an instant Compliance Plan, Discovery capabilities, and beautiful Reports.

NIST 800-53 Compliance for NetSuite, Salesforce and ServiceNow

Integrate with SaaS

Utilize our SaaS plugins for NetSuite, Salesforce and ServiceNow to power your automated compliance data discovery.

Your Compliance Plan is automatically generated from your Compliance Pack. These plans guide you through your Regulatory compliance journey.

Compliance Plans
set your Schedule and Report structures for your specific compliance regulation.

Generate Compliance Plan

Compliance Discovery

Tasks drive your Compliance

Tasks are automatically created and linked directly against your regulatory requirements. These tasks can contain data discovered directly from your SaaS application, including confirmations of compliance.

View your Compliance progress over time

StratoKey CCM keeps track of your Compliance Progress in easy-to-use visualizations. These help you and your team prioritize and stay on top of compliance Tasks.

Regulatory compliance over time

Cloud data classification

Compliance Automation

The CCM plugin for SaaS applications automates compliance data collection, collation and analysis. Automatically documenting and delivering direct compliance outcomes in your Reports.

Regulated Data Discovery

The CCM plugin automatically discovers Regulated data. This information is processed by the Data Classification engine. This CCM classification engine automatically tracks and audits User access against regulated data.

Regulated data discovery

Cloud reporting solution

Delivering Compliance Reports

Compliance reporting follow your schedule. Reports are available on-demand, without any wait. Reports are the center of your compliance effort and provide an auditable record against your regulatory compliance.

Share your Compliance Outcomes!

CCM makes sharing your Compliance Reports with your stakeholders an easy process.

Share cloud compliance reports

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