Cloud Security Analytics - like no other

StratoKey has the industry's most advanced cloud threat detection and visualization engine. With built-in advanced anomaly detection capabilities, StratoKey is pioneering the combination of encryption with meaningful cloud security analytics and automated countermeasures to detect and thwart data breaches, data leaks and combat insider threats.

cloud security analytics

Cloud Threat Detection - unusual use patterns

Detecting when a user's account has been hijacked by an attacker is a key feature of StratoKey. StratoKey employs specific data gathering and intelligence features to help detect anomalies. StratokKey pairs behavioral analysis with intelligence features, such as data request patterns, to provide for a complete active identification, response and countermeasure system.

Cloud anomaly detection

Real-time Cloud Security Monitoring

StratoKey provides administrators and security teams with a real-time data link interface (cloud security analytics) to monitor in real-time any active threats. This also provides administrators with the ability to selectively deploy countermeasures through an active countermeasure interface (pictured). Administrators can selectively respond to the threat at hand without over or under responding. This unique, real-time monitoring and response feature is exclusive to StratoKey.