Reasons why you need StratoKey

In the age of distributed systems, there has never been a greater need for organizations to harden any system that stores confidential or proprietary data. The increase of organized attacks and significant data breaches has mandated the need for a rapid response strategy to threats. StratoKey is an essential tool for securing new and existing cloud and web applications. We have hand-picked the top 6 reasons why every organization utilizing web or cloud applications should be using StratoKey.

1: How secure is a third-party application?

The adage "it's not what you know, it's what you don't know" has never been more salient than now, the days of distributed web and cloud applications. Utilizing third-party applications or hosting environments, such as in the cloud, present many risks and unknowns. The greatest and most often overlooked risk is in the area of system and application security. There are many aspects to security, such as authentication, data protection, and physical system security. It only takes a single weak link in the chain of security to expose sensitive data. With data breaches reported every other day, there are many unknowns which necessitates organizations make every effort to secure their data.

2: The value of your data

Your data is an asset to your organization. Whether it be customer information, trade secrets, medical information, financial data or merely internal discussions. Your data is an asset with a value and it should be treated as such. Data exposures do great damage to organizations not only through the information exposed, but also through the erosion of customer confidence and brand value. In some instances, data theft may also put an organization in breach of the law. Once data is compromised there is no clawing back or recovery.

3: You have a responsibility to protect your data

A common assumption with data security is that a third-party application provider understands and prioritizes data security. As an organization you ultimately have a responsibility to protect your own data. If you are relying on a third-party to have hardened secure systems, you are taking an unnecessary risk that could have severe consequences. It is important for organizations to take control over data security and make a best effort to protect non-public data. StratoKey sits at the front-line of data security, regardless of physical location.

4: Protect against user credential theft and APTs

Using StratoKey helps to nullify the effectiveness of targeted attacks by competitors, nations or unrelated nefarious third-parties. By hardening your security with the StratoKey gateway, you add a significant level of security to complement existing application security. Phishing attacks are rendered useless with StratoKey's unique "keyed user" authentication. If your users' credentials are compromised your data will remain secure.

5: Rapid response to threats

Having a planned response to threats is of critical importance to organizations. Any delay between a threat and appropriate response puts data at significant risk. StratoKey provides a configurable strategy for threats that can act immediately, without requiring manual input. This automated approach can be configured to "lock-out users", "do not decrypt", or a "watch and track with targeted decryptions" as well as other strategies. This also provides organizations with a powerful investigative tool to track attackers and identify the source of the would-be attack. More specifically, the information the attacker is targeting, without actually exposing critical data.

6: Compliance with regulatory requirements

Data privacy (and residency) laws in many countries necessitate the use of encryption or obfuscation of specific data. Non-compliance with these laws can not only lead reputational damage, but also significant legal penalties. Data breaches necessitated the need for laws to ensure organizations are acting appropriately to protect and secure data. StratoKey can help organizations to meet the various regulatory requirements.

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